Our main objective
To improve the riding skills of motorcyclists to keep them safer on today’s busy roads, ultimately taking them to a level where they are fully prepared to pass the I.A.M. Advance Motorcycle test
Joining ESAM and undertaking 1‐to‐1 observed rides with our IAM qualified Observers will develop your riding skills to IAM Advanced Riding Test level and ensure you are better prepared to;
"Ride Better, Ride Safe, Have Fun"
How to Join
There are two ways to join IAM/ESAM both of which involve purchasing a Skill for Life package. The cost of the package is currently £175 and includes one year’s membership to the IAM as an Associate Member (until you pass your test, which is when you achieve Full Member status), one year’s membership to ESAM and the fee for the IAM Advanced Test. If you are an existing member of the IAM and wish to join our club to update your skills and join our vibrant social side, then come along to one of Open Sundays or send us an email. Annual membership is only £25!
If you have already decided that you want to join, or you want to buy/give a ‘Skills for Life’ gift, you do so via the IAM website using the following link ‐
If you’d like to join in person, you can do so at one of our Open Sundays, just bring your driving licence and method of payment to Reid Hall (Boreham Street, Boreham, East Sussex BN27 4SD) on the second Sunday of the month and speak to one of the team.
Who's Who
How we do it- IPSGA?
IPSGA is a way of planning your riding that is methodical, safe and releases the potential of the motorcycle. IPSGA stands for Information, Positioning, Speed, Gear and Acceleration. These five phases are explained below:
A Review

“Although I decided not to proceed with a taster ride, I would like to make you aware of the perserverance and encouragement given by Alex Rickman.

Alex give me ample chances to take the taster ride, despite me having to cancel due to family members becoming ill.

Alex is a true ambassador for IAM and in particular East Sussex Advanced Motorcyclists.

My thanks go to all who volunteer their time to make our roads safer.

Peter Shutler.”