The 2020 Awards

We met at Reid Hall on Sunday afternoon for a long-delayed award presentation. It was a cold and windy day, but everyone made it the Hall. We had to meet in the rear courtyard to ensure we didn’t upset any locals who may have seen us – we couldn’t even park as normal and had the leave our bikes/cars outside as the entrance was locked and coned!

The President’s Shield (awarded by Trevor Scrase) was presented by Stuart (Chief Observer in the 2019/20 year) to Mark Exley for an excellent test ride which had obviously impressed our President. Well done Mark!

The Observers’ Rider of the Year Shield was presented to Seona Douglas. This was decided by the Observers together as the rider who showed all the qualities during training that would make an excellent rider. Well done Seona!

The Shield for Observer of the Year is decided by the Chief Observer and presented by Stuart. Sally has taken on some “unusual” Associates and succeeded where many might not. Well done Sally!

Another riding award is the Gonad! Older members will be aware that this is awarded to the rider that has made a contribution to the lighter side of riding. This was presented by me to Chris O’Connor for inappropriate use of the kill switch when turning into Reid Hall resulting in a mid-turn stall and slight panic! However, no harm done, and we all had a good laugh at Chris’ expense!

The last presentation was for the Chairman’s Shield. This is my honour to give and it normally a difficult task as there are so many members who give their time to make our club special. This year I had no difficulty in awarding the Shield to Simon Green for his long and distinguished service as Membership Secretary and also Magazine Editor. He has contributed so much to the club, made many improvements and always a positive presence at any meetings. So, thank you Simon!

We also have a Life Membership to award. Duncan has run the club’s merchandising function for a very long time and been a committee member for more that 10 years. He patiently deals with all our requests and is polite when it comes to sizing! He never complains when items have to be exchanged when they are too small! So, thank you Duncan and a very well-deserved Life Membership.

After a few group photos we were all getting a bit chilly, so we headed home for a nice hot drink. Well done everyone and let’s look forward to the next year (whatever it may bring)