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East Sussex Advanced Motorcyclists (ESAM) Electric Motorcycle Demonstration Day.

ESAM held an Electric Motorcycle Open Day 0n Sunday 9th September, at Reid Hall in Boreham Street (BN27 4SD). We were very pleased and privileged to welcome 21stMoto from Swanley in Kent, one of only seven dealerships of Zero Motorcycles in the UK. They brought down three different models from the Zero range.  For some pictures of the day go to the home page and click on September on the top menu bar.

The event proved very popular and those who attended took the opportunity to out the bikes and talk to the dealer about the many advantages of electric vehicles.

 Based in California, USA, Zero Motorcycles are now distributed throughout Europe, in Russia and in USA. There are currently six models available in the UK with different sized power pack capacities; some have an additional power tank to give a greater range of travel. They can be charged from a standard household socket with a full charge cost between £1.30 and £3.30; substantially cheaper than filling up a tank with fuel! The average riding range achieved varies from between 60 (energetic sports riding) to 152 miles (average commuter type riding), although Zero claim that the 2018 Zero S can travel for up to 223 miles. The recommended retail price for Zero Motorcycles is from around £9,000 to around £14,500.

Zero electric motorcycles have no gears or clutch and contain no fluids; they are aesthetically similar to petrol motorcycles and weigh approximately the same as 600cc petrol bikes. Some models with smaller batteries or aluminium frames are considerably lighter.  The instant and high torque of the electric bikes allows for fast acceleration (better than petrol engines twice the size) and quick responses. Whilst the Zero S and SR models are sporty road bikes, the Zero DS and DSR have long-travel suspension and are also suitable for riding on rough surfaces. The Zero FX is even more of an off-road bike and the FXS combines off road riding and on-road around town agility.

ESAM was delighted to see the many people who attended the Zero Electric Motorcycle Open Day.

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