New Facebook Rules

ESAM Facebook Page – Group Rules for Member Submissions

1. All posts submitted should predominantly be related to motorcycles or motorcycling.

2. No post may be liable to cause offence to any member who might see it.

3. Bear in mind that offence may be caused on the basis of a post being considered Sexist (maligning or belittling

of any person based on their gender or sexual orientation), Racist (maligning or belittling of any person

based on their ethnicity or nationality), Religious Prejudice (maligning or belittling of any person based on

their religion or faith), Disability prejudice (maligning or belittling of any person based on any physical impairment),

Political Leaning (maligning or belittling of any person based on their political views or voting preference),

Violence (showing violent images or graphic images of injury to persons or animals), or any other


4. Note, it is all too easy to unwittingly offend any person who does not share your particular viewpoint or sense

of humour. If there is any doubt as to whether or not your post may be liable to offend someone, it is probably

best not to post it.

5. Appropriate posts should aim to inform or advise members of the club on useful, generally interesting, entertaining,

or newsworthy matters that directly relate to motorcycling and specifically the ethos of an Advanced

Motorcyclists’ Cub.

6. We all see posts on various social networking sites that we may consider amusing to ourselves or feel might

amuse our friends. If you wish to share any such post, but feel it may breach any of these rules for appropriate

ESAM posts, then please feel free to share on your own page rather than the ESAM page.

7. The ESAM Facebook page is moderated by a duly appointed and authorised member of the committee.

When any post is deemed to be in breach of these rules the Moderator may unilaterally delete or remove the

post, with or without giving notice or explanation, but he or she will usually endeavour to contact the originator

to advise of his/her decision. Serious breaches may be discussed at the next committee meeting and the offending

contributor may be given a warning. Any such action may be taken whether or not any specific complaint

has been received by another club member. But where a complaint is received the post will almost certainly

be removed.

8. If you are offended by any post you see on the ESAM Facebook page, please inform the Facebook page

Moderator or any member of the committee, as listed in the ‘Observer’ club magazine. All reports of offence

will be taken seriously and treated in confidence.

9. If you feel you have been unfairly treated or chastised by the Facebook Moderator you may submit your complaint

through the committee, following the club’s standard complaints procedure.

10. All non-members that haven’t renewed their membership, will no longer be part of this Facebook Group.

11. The Facebook Moderator is entitled to deny entry to any non-member or outsider, that isn’t intending to

join East Sussex Advance Motorcycling, for the purpose of completing their I.A.M Training or becoming a

Social Member.

12. If your not sure what is considered acceptable, please contact your GAO via email: