First Aid Course

Along with 17 other observers and members of ESAM, I’ve just spent the one of the most informative Saturday’s attending a course for a long time.  The First Aid course arranged by Paul Adams for Observers was quite inspiring.  I’ve always been a little squeamish and adverse to medical things.  In my professional life I maintained I didn’t do blood, puke, piddle or poo.  After a morning of demonstrations and information by the lead presenter-Andy Sullivan owner of Biker Emergency Life Support Ltd and his assistant Shaun, followed by a very practical afternoon dealing with accident scenarios after which I am personally convinced I would be able to cope with a traumatic situation.  Although the blood thing does still get at me.  A splendid day to which everyone should have access.

WARNING Clicking on the below link comes with a government health warning and is not advised for the squeamish-🙈

To all the ESAM First Aid attendees and club members, please click on the link below to see a selection of our training pictures.

I will hand out your certificates at the next Club Sunday,

I hope everyone enjoyed the course on Saturday. It was a pleasure to teach such a fun and enthusiastic group.

Andy Sullivan

Company Director

Emergency Life Support Team

The Group with our two presenters, Andy and Shaun
Under a vehicle After an accident Helmet removal Traumatised casualty
CPR Assessing the needs Clearing the airway Moving into the recovery position