The ESAM Vision

To develop and increase the awareness and skill levels of all road users. Whether our influence is direct or indirect, the example shown through our behaviors, principles and formal practices will make the roads a safer and more enjoyable environment for us all.

The ESAM Mission

That through observation we will facilitate the transformation of members’ riding skills beyond the average to an advanced level, and beyond.

ESAM, How it all started

Following an informal meeting in Hastings in April 1992, East Sussex Advanced Motorcyclists was founded as a sub-section of the IAM East Sussex Car Group.

The interest in ‘advanced riding techniques’ amongst local motorcyclists was due to the success of the Sussex Police – Better Motorcycling Courses, which had been run in the county since the mid 1980’s. Following a force review, these were stopped leaving a void in advanced motorcycle training in East Sussex.

In consultation with the Kent Advanced Motorcyclists, who were the first advanced motorcycle group in the UK, East Sussex Advanced Motorcyclists took off due to the determination of Graham Masters and Bob Knights.

Amongst its original members were Trevor Davis, Steve Crouch and myself.

Initially, observed ride meetings met with the car group on Sunday afternoons until ESAM became an independent group in April 1995. From this date the group flourished and the rest, should we say, is history.

In this very busy area of south east England, the need for a higher awareness of the ever present risks on our roads is vital and ESAM is striving to improve rider safety.

Trevor Scrase,

Examiner / President